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Harem Leggins Sewing without Pattern

SHORT CUT: Harem leggins sewing pattern

I have shown you how to quickly sew babyleggins without having a sewing pattern.  But I actually also love leggins for myself. They take a whole drawer in my closet. I mainly wear them at home and can not think of a couch day without them. Harem leggins are my favourites they are just so comfy especially during times of those extra pregnancy pounds and also during pregnancy I would wear them on a regular basis. So I will show you how to draft you very own pattern for a harem leggings using your favorite pair of leggins.


Material sewing without pattern

You really don’t need a lot of stuff to sew your very own harem leggings

  • favourite pair of leggins
  • approx. 1 m  of knit fabric (Jersey), I ordered mine at Spoonflower
  • measuring tape
  • ruler or triangle ruler
  • pins
  • scissors
  • pen
  • paper (you can use special pattern paper or simply some wrapping paper)


tracing outlines leggins

Fold your leggins in half and have the backside facing upwards. Trace around the leggins using your pen.

patterndrafting leggins

Once you have drawn the outlines the actual modifications on your pattern take place. I will use measurements that have proven to fit me well. Of course you can use your individual measurements meeting your needs. I wear a size 44 considering the size chart of the German textil industry. Believe me I often buy a 40 or 42. So as we know sizes vary quite a bit from company to company.

I mark a point 1 cm starting from center back (CB) to the left. Now draw a straight line starting at the crotch crossing the new point and from there 6 cm further up. If you want your crotch of your leggins even lower, you will have to lengthen this straight line. Consider shortening your leg then tough. I shortened the original leg by 12 cm. I like my leggins capri style. But as mentioned you can completely use your own measurements here depending on how long you like your pants.

Now mark a point 6 cm right from your waistline and also one 6 cm up from that new point. Now draw a new side seam touching your new points. Also draw the modified waistline. Well guess what…you are pretty much done drafting your sewing pattern. Once you have sewn your first version you might play around with the measurements finding your very own perfect fit. Be brave it is really not hard as you can see.


pattern leggins

Now cut out your sewing pattern. You can use the same pattern for your back and front leggins since it is really easy fitting.


cutting leggins

Fold your knit fabric and place the pattern on the fold. Also add a seam allowance. I use my triangle ruler adding 1 cm. If you use a serger sewing your leggins you may only add 0.7 cm. For the hem I add 2 cm that I later iron and sew. Repeat the whole procedure to get two similar pieces. Mark your centre front (CF) and back (CB).

pattern pieces leggins

This is what your fabric pieces should look like (you should have two of them).

constructing waistband

To cut your waistband measure your waistline and multiply it with 0.8 if you are using knit fabric or with 0.7 if you are using a more elastic cuff fabric. I measured 98 cm using knit fabric. Calculating as explained my measurement comes to 78.4 cm. Dividing this by 2 I get the length of my front and back waistband (39.2 cm + 2 cm seam allowance =  about 41 cm). Now you have to decide on how high you like your waistband. I like it pretty high which makes it super comfortable especially if you are pregnant. Lets say you want the waistband to be 10 cm high in the end. Multiply 10 cm with 2 and add 2 cm seam allowance once again (22 cm). Now cut your two rectangles 41 x 22 cm (have the grain line / Fadenlauf parallel to the hight of your waistband).


sewing leg seams

Place both pieces right side facing right side and sew the outer side seams as well as the inner leg seam.

iron and sewing hem

Fold hems 2 cm up, iron  and sew them. You should use an elastic stitch so your hem will be able to stretch.

sewing waistband

Place the waistband pieces right side on right side and sew the side seams. You could use a straight stitch since theses seams do not need to stretch, however I suggest to use an elastic stich when working with stretchy material.

placing waistband

Turn you waistband outside out and fold it in half. There will be a fold line on the longer side. Mark you CF and CB using needles. Since you have the two side seams and the mark for CF and CB you have devided the waistband into four equal segments.

slide waistband on pants

Slide the waistband on your pants and have the fold line of the waistband facing the hems. Place side seams on side seams and CF on CF and CB on CB.

pin waistband

Your waistband is shorter than your pants` waistline so you will have to stretch the waistband while sewing it on to your pants. To make it easier you can use some extra pins to arrange the waistband evenly (stars).

finished harem leggins

Et Voila. You are done sewing your very own comfy Harem Leggins. Now that you drafted your pattern you can sew a whole bunch of them. Depending on your fabric you can actually use this allround talent in combination with sweatshirts, blouses and dresses.


free pattern leggins

free pattern leggins

free pattern leggins

free pattern leggins